The Ultimate Battle: Team Sasuke vs Team Naruto Edit

This is the battle after Satachi trains with Itachi and Izuke trains with Rikkudou.

The Battle BeginsEdit

"Sasuke!!", said Naruto.

"Yawn," said Sasuke, "Naruto what are doing here.

Im here to kill you I'm done with our bond, I've tried so hard to bring you back but now I can see that your chakra is to dark.

Naruto what you don't seem to understand we never had a bond, but looks like I have to kill you to proove that to you.(activates Sharingan)

Sasuke I do not plan on killing you alone I also have somebody who also cared for you, Itachi Uchiha, and Izuke Uchiha.

Sasuke, you have not turned out like you were supose to and your chkra is way to evil. After I died I was hoping that you would go back to the Leaf but instead you listened to Madara and became even more evil so now I wil have to kill you.

Itachi, I have not become evil, I am avenging our clan, and you. They made you kill your own clan.

Sasuke I killed the clan myself I could have chosen not to and killed Danzo and everybody else myself. I chose not to because I cared for you so much that I wanted you to become strong and learn these new jutsu's. I had this planned out even before were born but you fell into the wrong foot steps.

Enough, Madara, Satachi, Kakashi come out

Oh so looks like were out numbered.

"Not quite," said Kabuto.

I have realized that being evil is not me and I want to become good.

Sure said Naruto lets start this thing.

Intense BattleEdit

Sasuke jumps up in the air. Satachi attack.

Satachi activaates both his Sharingan and RInnegan.

Izuke steps forward, Satachi everyone says I'm always second best because of the records you've set but today I will kill you.

Izuke you can't kill me your to young, to weak.

Izuke goes running at Satchi while screaming Rasendori and cuts right through him.

Then suddenly, crows come out of no where. Crow Control Clone said Satachi as he suddenly appeared behind him.

"Amateratsu," said Satchi.

Izuke jumps back then uses Space-Time to get away. Naruto then activates his Rinnegan, runs, preforms a rasengan and screems Sasuke.

Sasuke then uses Chidori and yells Naruto!!

The Clash created smoke everywhere.

Then Sasuke and his Team left. The came back behind eachone and teleported them away.