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"I am in a world of absolute darkness. I live here by myself, isolated from everyone. Nothing in this world radiates light, everything here is only devoured by darkness, forever to be intertwined. However...there is one light. Not on this world but above it, placed clearly in the sky...the moon. It shines brightly, slightly lighting the heavens, showing the true beauty of the night. The only reason I keep wondering is to find the light, searching a way to the moon in hopes to find the ones I care for to be there waiting for me. It all seems hopeless though, as I can't seem to get any closer to my destiny. Why should I keep going? What drives me to find hope? Why shouldn't I just stop my attempts and stay here forever. My reason is why I'm not giving up hope, I'm not going to let the darkness conceal me forever. I will discover my light, no matter the matter my fate. It's my desire to find my happiness. "— Ryū Uchiha